The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today we welcome Paul F. Tompkins to talk about something no one ever asks him about: video games. We talk Batman (no spoilers), his gaming on set at Mr. Show and more!

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Today we welcome back one of our most outspoken and hilarious guests, Devin Faraci, to talk about movies, gaming news, and much much more. He's the best.

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Today we welcome our pal Matt McCarthy to tell us everything we didn't know about wrestling. It's fucking fascinating. Plus an extended intro where Kumail talks about being in an episode of The X Files last week.

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Today you're going on a journey with Emily and Kumail through their four day journey at Comic-Con! You'll go on the floor with them and their friends, backstage at The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, to parties, to a panel of Nerdist podcasters! Featuring Drew McWeeny, Pete Holmes, Taran Killam, MegaRan, Matt Mira, Thomas Middleditch, Job Stauffer from TellTale, Mo from Mondo, Lootcrate staff, Mike Rosenstein, artist Mike Mitchell, and Dan Harmon!

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Today we welcome our old pal Pete Holmes (You Made It Weird podcast) to discuss the weirdness of Independence Day, the magic of Batman, and more! There are Arkham Knight spoilers starting around 30 minutes into the podcast. Not the ending of the game, but plot points. We alert you within the podcast to turn it off if you don't want to hear spoilers, but this is your other heads up.

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While Emily was unable to record, Kumail had an in-depth conversation with Cliffy B to talk about gaming, making cool games that people want to do fun new things with, and much more. Plus an intro with Kumail and Emily talking Arkham!

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This week, first you'll catch up on all the E3 news that's fit to discuss with Kumail and Emily, and then you'll travel the E3 floor with Kumail and Thomas Middleditch!

Today Kumail and Emily welcome actor Anthony Rapp! Anthony was an audience suggestion and was a fantastic guest, and we delved into all of the ways that he masters video games and also talked about what a tetris sex move would be.

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Today the Indoor Kids welcome back their old friend Nick Ahrens, lover of Mass Effect and games in general, to walk through all the games that are rumored to be announced at this year's E3. Plus a bunch of goofy stuff!

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Today we welcome Ron Funches back to the podcast to talk about Witcher 3, Splatoon, he and Kumail being Mortal Kombat frenemies, and more!

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