The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today Emily and Kumail welcome two of the other cast members of Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch and Martin Starr, to talk about how they game on set, what their gaming obsessions are, and lots of randomness.

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So much stuff happened this past week that Kumail and Emily decided to settle in on their own couch and talk gaming news and awards and everything else. Hear our thoughts on the Playstation Experience, the Video Game Awards, and more!

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Today Kumail and Emily welcome Wil Wheaton to talk about tabletop games, his show Tabletop, tons of Dragon Age and Far Cry and stories about 80s parties. 

(no spoilers for any games)


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Today our pal actor/comedian Jon Daly joins us to talk about how he is playing all old Atari and Sega games on emulators, and discusses the good, the bad, and the horrible (Custer's Revenge). Also a longer Intro Kids where Kumail and Emily teach you song lyrics for Dragon Age and more! NO SPOILERS.

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Today we welcome gamer and voiceover actress Britanni Johnson to talk about all the amazing games recently out and coming out soon, as well as how she got into the video game business and more!

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Today Kumail and Emily welcome one of their dearest friends, Jared Logan, to talk about being a presidential history buff, shows he's enjoying, and how he feels D&D and video games have influenced each other. Jared's been a DM for most of his life, and he's also hysterical. Enjoy!

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This week, Kumail and Emily welcome back Troy Baker to talk about his experience as the lead character of Shadow of Mordor. We dive into what it's like to learn how to use Talion's sword, all the backstory and extra Tolkien stuff the game didn't get to, and more! There is some basic information about the game's plot here, so if you haven't played and want to play, you may want to skip it.

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Today Kumail and Emily are alone on their couch, talking about the scariest video game experiences they've ever had, and reading your letters about the scariest video game experiences you've ever had. Insert treat instead of trick pun here!

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Today we welcome our favorite guest Jordan Morris to chat with us about... well a lot of things. TV. Movies. Halloween. Games we're playing. SNL. The nature of fandom. DC movies. More. Enjoy it.

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Today Kumail and Emily welcome Matt, aka M Shadows of the band Avenged Sevenfold, to talk about his other passion: video games. This guy is in deep. We talk about the video game industry, the music industry, and how Matt has been competitive in video games since he was a kid. Plus we talk about the game he is releasing into the world this week, Hail to the King: Deathbat, and what the process of creating a game has been like for him over the past two years. Great dude, great episode. 

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