The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today, Gabe Delahaye (Videogum, Emily's cohost on Love in the Time of Robots) joins Kumail and Emily to talk about some of the weirdest news stories to hit our ears and eyes in the past few weeks. We talk Skyfall, Leisure Suit Larry, The Walking Dead games, Call of Duty, and more more more!

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One of our favorites, Jordan Morris, to talk about everything Halo. Backstory? We cover it. Thoughts on the new game? We've got em. Thoughts on multiplayer? We're all up in it. Halo-adjacent webshows? Watched them. Obsession with Master Chief? We've got that too. 
Plus we talk other games, Internet etiquette, and more!
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Emily and Kumail welcome Jeff Rubin (College Humor, Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show) to talk about games he's playing, games we're playing, The Wire, TV shows based on games, and more more more!

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This week Matt Mira (Attack of the Show, Nerdist podcast, duh) joins Kumail and Emily to discuss the Star Wars/Disney news, the upcoming Skyfall, and every single Bond game that Matt has played, which is a lot.

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