The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today the Kids welcome back Dan Harmon to talk about Community, other TV he's watching, and the video games he currently has the headspace for. Plus we talk news with Burnside!

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Another week of travel, another hosty episode! This week, Kumail and Emily talk about all the news that's fit to discuss, plus talk about some of the world's best/worst religious video games through the ages. Enjoy the last episode done from a hotel bed for a while!

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Kumail and Emily are in Denver and sharing their hotel fun with you, and not in a weird sex way. Hear them discuss games they're playing and review video game tropes from the ages!

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Today Kumail and Emily welcome one of their favorite humans, Steve Agee, to discuss some of our favorite TV, movies, games, and music from 2013. Plus both Emily and Kumail excuse themselves at different parts of the podcast. Also, Matthew Burnside returns!!

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