The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today we welcome Abbie Heppe, Community Manager of Respawn, to talk about how Titanfall has taken her around the world, how she got her start in the gaming industry, and much much more. Plus a bonus Intro Kids with just Emily!

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Today we welcome our good friends Kevin and Jordan to the madness that is WonderCon in Anaheim! You'll hear us talk about racist TMNT toys! You'll hear Snoop Dogg! You'll hear Matthew Burnside being teased for how young he is! You'll hear top ten lists and more!
(We apologize if we talk over each other a bit, it was impossible for the panelists to hear each other on stage.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to listen to us talk for an hour in a big room, and special thanks to everyone who asked questions and to Bob the Sign Language Interpreter!

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Devin Faraci, one of our favorites, joins us to talk about gaming news, video game movies on the horizon, movie news, Archie comics news, the trouble with Kickstarter, and much more. Really. We pack a lot into this episode. And Matthew Burnside joins us for the whole episode.


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Please join Kumail and Emily as they end a very busy week and wind down by talking to you guys about video games and their lives. You'll hear about their trip to Miami, hear stories of arcades and IPad gaming, hear about news from PAX East to NPR pranks, and much more! Plus, if you stick around until the very end, you'll hear a bonus lesson in historical moments in social justice!

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