The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Spend a little time with Kumail and Emily at home today, as they discuss gaming news, come up with X Files episode pitches, talk about turtles, and way more.

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Join us live from LA's own RIOT fest with Troy Baker, Thomas Middleditch and Pat Cassels. Hear Troy do funny voices, talk about dragon pornography, and much much more! Recorded 1/18 at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles.

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Today we welcome our good friend Rhea Butcher to talk about historical movies, American Horror Story, and Rhea's obsession with games as a kid, plus we answer the old age question "What is inside a puffy sticker?"

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Today we welcome our favorite guest, Jordan Morris, to talk about our favorite games, movies, TV, and books of the year. You may agree, you may disagree- everyone wins! Tell us your favorite things in the comments!

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