The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

The first ever crowdsourced Indoor Kids episode is here! Emily and Kumail were absolutely blown away by how charming and professional and diverse your submissions were, and thank you so much for contributing. The things you're consuming included anything from the Marvel app to Desert Golf to Better Off Ted to a really random drink, and they loved hearing about them all!

Contributors include (not in order):
Angelo R
Gordon B
James M
Danielle C
Matt and Pat
Matt E
Zac K
Candace H
Mag and Mr. Kyle
Bannon R
Marc D
Ian Q
SungWon C
Nazareth J
Nathan and Sam
Jay M
Scott C
Sean R
Doug and Aldrin
Nikki B
Izzy B
Chris C
Alex and D'arby
Stephanie C
Erik B
Anthony S
Pete D
Brendan M
Chris R
Don B
Matthew A
Jacob C
Diego and Erick

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Today we are missing Kumail, so Emily decided to have comedians and couple Cameron and Rhea join her to talk about some super bizarre video games, TV, movies, and more!

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Today we welcome screenwriter Max Landis to talk about video games but also mainly about his extensive knowledge of superhero comics and his feelings on superhero movies. Enjoy!

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Today we welcome Lisa Hanwalt, designer on Bojack Horseman, to talk about art, video games, that Kim Kardashian game and the itch it scratches, and horses horses horses. Plus the Twitter game!

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Today we welcome Paul F. Tompkins to talk about something no one ever asks him about: video games. We talk Batman (no spoilers), his gaming on set at Mr. Show and more!

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