The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Today we are joined by the wonderful Griffin McElroy (Polygon, Maximum Fun) to talk about the wonders of E3- what were the trends? What fell flat? What got everyone excited? Let's find out!

Next week, you'll hear the Indoor Kids con diary from E3, as they took their trusty tiny recorder to all the parties and demos, but had too much fun with Griffin to include it here!

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Today The Indoor Kids welcome Max Silvestri, good friend and avid gamer, to talk about Game of Thrones, action movies, gaming news, and much more!

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AND WE'RE BACK! After a month-long hiatus, Kumail and Emily are back with new episodes, and we decided that we should return with an education. We decided to pick a person who has been raised in a dark dungeon to introduce them to videogames since their inception until today. What are the highlights? What are the advances? Joining us on this adventure is Jordan Morris, one of our favorites.

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Welcome to the final time capsule episode of The Indoor Kids (relax, that just means we're going back to all-new episodes next week!), and by far one of the most thought-provoking episodes we've ever done. This one was recorded in 2013. We welcome Tom Bissell, video game critic turned video game writer, to talk about how wrong he was in approaching video game criticism. Plus you also get Kumail and Emily, in the here and now, talking about our week in entertainment consumption and everything else worth discussing.

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Curl up by fire but leave all the lights on as you listen to this genuinely creepy episode with DC Pierson where we discuss some game-related stories that defy explanation... or are just a really good haunted cartridge story. Plus you'll get Intro Kids with Kumail and Emily, in the here and now, discussing Godzilla, Infamous 2, gaming news and more!

Join us, won't you, as we reintroduce you to one of our favorite episodes- #23! In this episode, Jordan Morris joins us to discuss lost and unreleased games that have become near urban legends. Also, you'll hear Emily and Kumail, here in present day, talk about games they're playing now, movies they're watching, and much more!

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Hello all! Kumail and Emily regrettably are too overloaded in the month of May, so they've decided to re-release four of their favorite episodes along with an extra long Intro Kids. Today, you'll hear about gaming news, how Kumail and Emily are failing at Trials Fusion, and why we chose Episode #19 with Dan Harmon as our first Time Capsule.

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Today we welcome Abbie Heppe, Community Manager of Respawn, to talk about how Titanfall has taken her around the world, how she got her start in the gaming industry, and much much more. Plus a bonus Intro Kids with just Emily!

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Today we welcome our good friends Kevin and Jordan to the madness that is WonderCon in Anaheim! You'll hear us talk about racist TMNT toys! You'll hear Snoop Dogg! You'll hear Matthew Burnside being teased for how young he is! You'll hear top ten lists and more!
(We apologize if we talk over each other a bit, it was impossible for the panelists to hear each other on stage.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to listen to us talk for an hour in a big room, and special thanks to everyone who asked questions and to Bob the Sign Language Interpreter!

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Devin Faraci, one of our favorites, joins us to talk about gaming news, video game movies on the horizon, movie news, Archie comics news, the trouble with Kickstarter, and much more. Really. We pack a lot into this episode. And Matthew Burnside joins us for the whole episode.


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