The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Please join Kumail and Emily as they end a very busy week and wind down by talking to you guys about video games and their lives. You'll hear about their trip to Miami, hear stories of arcades and IPad gaming, hear about news from PAX East to NPR pranks, and much more! Plus, if you stick around until the very end, you'll hear a bonus lesson in historical moments in social justice!

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Today the Kids welcome Thomas Middleditch, friend and fellow cast member of Silicon Valley, to talk about how his girlfriend has to hide games from him, his troubles with flight sims, and the many game-related leagues that he is in. You will love him. The Burnside joins to talk news and more!

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This week Kumail and Emily welcome actor Jason Ritter, a Twitter guest request, to talk about working, gaming, and growing up gamer. Plus we play a Twitter game! You'll love it.

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Today Kumail and Emily welcome Malik Forte, the brand new games editor for! We're also joined by Matthew Burnside for a discussion of XBox One games, SXSW, movies that are uncomfortable to watch with your parents, the Street Fighter movie, and much more. 


Titanfall, Nidhogg, Tales From The Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Mario Kart, Uncharted, Infamous: Second Son, Call of Duty, Gears of War 3, Gears of War: Judgement, Saint’s Row IV, Towerfall, Rayman, Battlefield 4, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Ninja Gaiden, NBA 2K14, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Final Fantasy 7, Bravely Default, Threes, Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game
Veronica Mars, The Hobbit, Jerry McGuire, Nation Lampoon’s European Vacation, Sleepwalkers, Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Street Fighter, JCVD
True Detective, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Portlandia, Flower Deranger
The Bible
Kylie Minogue


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This week we are joined by Brandon Boyer, Chairman of the Indie Games Festival, to talk about the landscape of indie gaming, some of his favorites to play, and why he loves games that come from the mind of one person. Plus you can come with Kumail and Emily to Austin, where they eat weird meats and delve into some gaming expos!

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This week, it's raining so hard that Kumail and Emily decide to podcast from their house instead of going into the studio. That means you get lots of talk about games, TV, and movies, lots of talk about gaming news, and Kumail getting emotional about Harold Ramis.

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This week we welcome hosts of Horrible Movie Night, fellow married couple, and parent gamers John Mathot and Susan Wright to discuss all the ins and outs of being gamers and parents. You'll hear how they encouraged their three year old to play video games. You'll hear their code name for Grand Theft Auto and how they modded the game for their 6 year old! All this plus big gaming news and Indoor Kids haikus!

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Today we welcome our pal Jordan Morris to talk about the Titanfall press event we sent him to, and along the way we discuss Robocop toys, True Detective, Emily and Kumail's broken XBox One, and more! And Matthew Burnside returns for a Walk on the Burnside!

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Today The Indoor Kids welcome Rich Sommer (Mad Men) to talk about the wonders of 60s props, video games, and his lifelong obsession with board games. You guys, he's in deep, and it's awesome. Plus you get an Intro Kids beforehand where Kumail and Emily discuss games they're playing now and weird news!

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Today The Indoor Kids welcome David Wain (director, writer, former member of The State) to talk about how he had a real live arcade in his garage at the age of 12 and why he can't play games that much anymore, plus an Intro Kids with punchy and tired Kumail and Emily. Where else are you going to hear card tricks on a podcast?

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